Sunday Pastime #8: Some Change…

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 18, 2008



I think my last pastime did not get much hits as every pastime video gets. Its really full of fun. And now, its again a funny stuff. An Indian commercial, but no Indian languages are used. This 31 second video brings smile on your faces for sure. I hope you understand the misunderstanding in this ad.



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15 Readers responded to this post

ha ha lol 😆
I have seen this ad already on the TV and it is really funny 😀

Your previous passtime ,I cudnt understand that 😐
but this one is really funny :mrgreen:

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@ Siddharth

Previous pastime cannot be clearly understood at once, but when you observe, you can notice the lady saying “If you key in GOOGLE into GOOGLE, it breaks the internet”, may be not the exact sentence, but a similar meaning one…… 😆

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Sunday Pastime #8: Some Change…

Haha, good one buddy , lol…

Pratyushs last blog post..Change (Funny Indian Ad) – Video


Thank you man…. :smile:

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Sunday Pastime #8: Some Change…

@Pavan I watched it many a times but … :mrgreen:
u knw my mind its … :mrgreen:

Hahah… never seen that on Tv :mrgreen:

Good one!


Your mind is….?


All sunday pastimes are posted For a change in regular routine…. Now my frequency reduce as exams are near…

Me too not seen this, but is funny. :)

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@ Nirmal

I don’t have an option to judge if it is popular on TV or not… I don’t watch TV regularly… I found it funny on youtube and posted here… Its good that many of you have not seen that early, otherwise, I would not have got so many responses….

Can’t watch TV here in hostel. THe video is funny

Madhur Kapoors last blog post..Super Sunday Links Episode 8

@ Madhur

I don’t like spending time infront of TV rather than PC n net. I will try to get the best videos for all pastimes…

@ Pavan my mind is a bit small and slow in these things 😀

@ Siddharth

But you are a genius in image editing right?

😀 no just a beginner 😛
there’s a lot to learn :mrgreen:

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