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Edit WordPress Comment Section to Save PageRank

Changing the wordpress comment section from nofollow links to no links will save your PR juice and you can spread it to other pages on your blog. Here is the tutorial to edit the wordpress comments to remove the hyperlink on comment author, but still retaining a website url credit to the author.

Google May Change its Take on NOFOLLOW – An Analysis of its Impact on Websites

Great Google into one more step about changing their SEO policies by treating nofollow links in a different way. Google will send nofollow PR juice to thrash bins and no one will be affected with nofollow links. Normal links will get less PR juice due to the existence of nofollow links.

How to Remove Reported Attack Site Warning on Google

Google sometimes marks websites as attack sites spreading malwares or phishing sites. In such cases, it blocks access to them on search results or otherwise firefox will disallow access to those sites. If your site is blocked as “This site may harm your computer”, here is the exact workout solution to clear the problem and bring the site back to normal working.

SEO Analysis: Should We Approve Keyword Based Comments on Blogs

Do you approve comments from names which include keywords? Should we approve it or not? Here is what you can do if you are in a confusion about approving a comment from keyword spammers or deleting it. Read the article on what kind of commentators are safe to be approved and who are the ones which require a kick out of your comment section.

How To Submit Sitemap to Bing Search Engine

Microsoft Bing being a new search engine, if you want to drive some Bing traffic, you need to submit sitemap to Bing in order to index and crawl all your pages. Here are the different ways to submit your sitemap to

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