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How To Submit Sitemap to Bing Search Engine

Microsoft Bing being a new search engine, if you want to drive some Bing traffic, you need to submit sitemap to Bing in order to index and crawl all your pages. Here are the different ways to submit your sitemap to

Free Video Format Converter to Convert Video Files-Freeware Tool

Here is a great free video format converter software to convert video files from any popular format to other. It supports huge variety of formats and works awesome with its fast and easy conversion. Convert videos easily to desired formats to suit your mobile devices and save hard disk space for storing huge videos.

What is an Internet Troll? Details on Internet Trolls and Trolling

Have you ever heard of an internet troll? If “No” is your answer, here is the right solution for you. Find all information you require to know about internet trolls, how they work, how to avoid and get rid of them. Trolls are really annoying people on forums and blogs and they enjoy to see different users being abused.

How To Register a Domain Name Free: COM, NET, ORG, US, INFO Free Domains has a special type of free domain offer for .com, .net, .org, .us and .info type of domains. Anyone can register a free domain for the period of one year. This is best suited for domains which are needed for certain period. Now register free domain names and enjoy free own website with free hosting providers. Check out the great offer and get your self a free personal domain name.

1 Minute Image Optimization to Make Website Load Fast

Is your website loading too slow? Its very bad for you and users as slow websites have high bounce rates and won’t work well for human visitors. Slow websites may be a result of unoptimized images. Images should be optimized to achieve fast loading of webpages and here is the easy procedure to reduce the image sizes and create fast loading websites.

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